Tuesday, September 13, 2011

'The Phantom of the Opera' coming to Blu-Ray

Since it's in the public domain, there are lots and lots of sub-par prints of Lon Chaney's groundbreaking Phantom of the Opera floating around out there. Cinephiles who like their images spic-and-span should be thrilled to learn that Phantom will be skulking its way onto fancy-schmancy blu-ray this November 1 (sorry, kids, you'll just have to watch your grainy old copy if you want to enjoy this classic during Halloween season). Aside from a truly horrifying close-up of Chaney's rictus on the cover, this disc sports the following features:

* Brand-new HD digital transfer of the 24fps version of 1929 reissue (Academy Aspect Ratio; 16x9 pillar-boxed) from the 35mm negative, with tinted sequences including the Bal Masque sequence in two-strip Technicolor. Featuring a brand new music score by Alloy Orchestra, plus Gaylord Carter’s famous theatre organ score, released for the first time in stereo;

* Brand-new HD transfer of 20fps version of 1929 reissue with tinting, Technicolor and hand-coloring. Symphonic score composed by Gabriel Thibaudeau, performed by I Musici de Montreal, conducted by Yuri Turovsky with Claudine Cote, soprano presented in stereo, along with a new full-length audio essay by Dr. Jon Mirsalis;

* Standard definition presentation of the original 1925 release from a 16mm tinted source copy. Accompanied by a new piano score by Dr. Frederick Hodges.

*Theatrical trailer
*Photo Gallery
*The complete Phantom Script
*Phantom Souvenir Program Reproduction

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting.com for these specs.

Pre-order The Phantom of the Opera on blu-ray on Amazon.com here.
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