Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kinks Mono Box Set Coming in November

For those who haven't invested in the recent double-disc editions of The Kinks' back catalog because the idea of owning stereo editions of the band's first seven L.P.s is simply too distasteful, a mono-only box set is on the way. All The Kink's original British albums from 1964's Kinks through 1969's Arthur will be joined by four E.P.s ("Kinksize Session", "Kinksize Hits", "Kweyt Kinks", "Dedicated Kinks") and a double-disc singles compilation. According to Spin CDs.com, the package also includes "a 32 page, pop annual style book with new notes, rare photos, memorabilia, discographical information and more." The Kinks in Mono is due this November 21st.

Pre-order The Kinks in Mono at Amazon.com here.

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