Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Free Download of Atari-Style "Twin Peaks" Video Game!

Remember back in 1991 when the Atari video game company decided to cash in on the phenomenal success of the "Twin Peaks" finale by producing the one and only officially licensed "Twin Peaks" video game in which you, the player, controls Agent Cooper as he traverses the red-curtained innards of the mythical Black Lodge? No? Boy, did your childhood suck!

Well, now you can set things right both for yourself and little Dale Cooper, who we last saw trapped in the Lodge while his Killer BOB-infused doppelgänger was free to do very, very naughty things in the bucolic town of Twin Peaks. That's because the great Welcome to Twin Peaks.com has posted a P.C. and Mac friendly download of the Twin Peaks Black Lodge © game!

Wait a minute... according to the site, this game didn't actually get released in 1991. It was actually created just months ago by a certain genius named Jak Locke as an homage to both classic Atari games and the greatest T.V. show in the history of humanity! I've been hoodwinked!

No matter, because Locke's game is the sweetest kind of hoodwink. The Black Lodge game is both simple and challenging. The player encounters such beloved characters as The Little Man from Another Place, Evil Laura, Evil Leland, Little Jimmy Scott, and Killer BOB, himself! Moving furniture poses additional challenges. Snag the free download of this terrific game at Welcome to Twin Peaks.com today and find out how Annie really is!
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