Tuesday, September 6, 2011

David Lynch Mentions "New Film"

David Lynch spent the majority of a recent interview with Rolling Stone discussing his music career and upcoming album Crazy Clown Time, but the most (potentially) exciting bit arrived toward the end. When Greg Prato asked the renaissance man about the project in his pipeline, Lynch said, "I'm working on a documentary of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, I just took part in a documentary of a 16-country tour I did on meditation, consciousness, and peace. And I'm working on another new film, but it's not there yet. I just finished a one-minute film for the Austrians."

Lynch has mentioned the Maharishi doc before, and he churns out short films on a fairly regular basis, but what is this "new film" he mentioned? Indiewire.com speculates it could be one of the projects he's teased in the past, such as an animated film called Snootworld or a sequel to Mulholland Drive. Psychobabble would be most pleased with either of those possibilities, just as long as that "new film" is a new feature film. That would be another 2011 wish fulfilled. Too bad Prato didn't ask a follow-up question, but what's the Internet without an abundance of wild speculation?
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