Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Track List for Super Deluxe 'Quadrophenia' Director's Cut

Today Universal Music Express (via PR released the official press release for its Super Deluxe edition of The Who's Quadrophenia due on November 15, 2011. Specs on the so-called "Director's Cut" are as follows (where's the band version of "We Close Tonight"?):

The super-deluxe limited edition box set will feature the following exclusive content:

Deluxe 100-page, hard-back book featuring a brand new 13,000 word essay by Pete Townshend... Also features Pete's in depth, track-by-track guide to the demos and revealing studio diary... a treasure trove of previously unseen personal notes, photographs, handwritten lyrics and memorabilia from the period, all recently uncovered in Pete's archive.

The package also replicates the striking black and white imagery from the original vinyl LP photography and adds never-seen colour out-takes of the famous cover shot.

A replica 7" vinyl single featuring hit single '5.15' b/w 'Water' in a picture sleeve.

Set of six facsimile memorabilia 'inserts' housed in a card envelope.

Limited edition, housed in a hard-back deluxe slip-case.

Other formats will also be available…
Double vinyl
Mini-deluxe digi-pak edition

Tracklistings for SDE version:

Original album – 2011 Remaster

Disc One:
1. I Am The Sea
2. The Real Me
3. Quadrophenia
4. Cut My Hair
5. The Punk And The Godfather
6. I'm One
7. The Dirty Jobs
8. Helpless Dancer
9. Is It In My Head?
10. I've Had Enough

Disc Two:
1. 5:15
2. Sea And Sand
3. Drowned
4. Bell Boy
5. Doctor Jimmy
6. The Rock
7. Love Reign O'er Me

Disc three – the demos

1. The Real Me (demo)
2. Quadrophenia – Four Overtures (demo)
3. Cut My Hair (demo)
4. Fill No. 1 - Get Out and Stay Out (demo)
5. Quadrophenic - Four Faces (demo)
6. We Close Tonight (demo)
7. You Came Back (demo)
8. Get Inside (demo)
9. Joker James (demo)
10. Punk (demo)
11. I'm One (demo)
12. Dirty Jobs (demo)
13. Helpless Dancer (demo)

Disc four – the demos

1. Is It In My Head (demo)
2. Any More (demo)
3. I've Had Enough (demo)
4. Fill No. 2 (demo)
5. Wizardry (demo)
6. Sea & Sand (demo)
7. Drowned (demo)
8. Is It Me (demo)
9. Bell Boy (demo)
10. Dr Jimmy (demo)
11. Finale-The Rock (demo)
12. Love Reign O'er Me (demo)

Disc five - DVD - 5.1 surround-sound mix
1. I Am The Sea
2. The Real Me
3. Quadrophenia
4. I've Had Enough
5. 5.15
6. Dr Jimmy
7. The Rock
8. Love Reign O'er Me

7" single
Side one: 5.15
Side two: Water

Get the Super Deluxe Edition of Quadrophenia at here.
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