Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Look! Listen! Vibra... umm, on second thought, don't : more 'SMiLE Sessions' delays

Breaking News (8/26/2011): Well, I recently wrote that I would hold off on posting anything about The Beach Boys' rabidly anticipated SMiLE Sessions box set until the rumors had evaporated and the hard facts materialized. That day has come. The surprisingly reasonably priced box set and 2-disc editions of The SMiLE Sessions are now available to pre-order on Amazon.com! The release date is November 1, 2011. Follow this link to get the box and this one if you want to settle for the double-disc. But why would you?

More information here.

Now back to the (now irrelevant) original article:

Capitol Records is really outdoing itself with its rabidly anticipated SMiLE Sessions. Not only will this box set supposedly recreate The Beach Boys' lost masterpiece (and supply a wealth of additional material), but Capitol is actually recreating the original album's ever-changing schedule! First we were promised a July 12th release date. Then that got pushed to August 9th. Then sometime in September. Now, Direct Current Music.com (the web site responsible for passing along most of these shifty dates) is listing The SMiLE Sessions for October 4th November 1st. Oh boy. If you're starting to feel like you're having flashbacks, that may be because you are. Capitol advertised the aborted original album as early as December 1966 with a shop display reading "Look! Listen! Vibrate! Smile!" The label continued teasing its release throughout the first few months of 1967. According to legend, Brian Wilson had already given up on SMiLE after hearing "Strawberry Fields Forever" earlier in the year and believing he'd lost some sort of psychedelic competition with The Beatles.

So, should we start steeling ourselves for the ultimate authentic SMiLE tribute when Capitol cans the project all together? All I can say is, hold your breath for an October 4th a November 1st release at your own risk.

Update: So this post has received a couple of comments (some of which are more constructive than others) from readers who take issue with my use of the word "announced." Fair enough. Perhaps a more accurate word would be "scheduled," and those schedules are apparently for retailers' eyes only. What does this all mean for the release of The SMiLE Sessions? I don't know. That schedule keeps changing and the project has a shifty history that understandably raises skepticism, hence the pessimistic tone of this post. Of course, I'm really, really hoping this set does get released, but the wait has been kind of excruciating. That being said, this is the last you'll read about the SMiLE Sessions on this site until we get some firm confirmation from Capitol regarding a release date or track listing. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later.

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