Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cancellation for The Monkees; Curtains for Bowie?

In the year of their 45th Anniversary, The Monkees have been receiving a lot of press for a reunion tour begun in Liverpool on May 12th. Just eight gigs before the tour's scheduled completion, The Monkees have pulled the plug. No one is specifying what the problem is, but Micky Dolenz indicated the reasons pertain "to business and are internal matters." Davy Jones's "Facebook team" requested "that you respect the privacy of The Monkees and refrain from posting any speculation on the matter in your Facebook comments on this site." This may be a response to rumors that the cancellation had to do with Micky Dolenz entering rehab. An article on BBC quotes Dolenz's spokesman, who said the cancellation "has nothing to do with any sort of substance abuse whatsoever."

More potentially bad news for David Jones fans: according to Paul Trynka, author of the recent biography David Bowie: Starman, the former Mr. Jones may have retired. In a talk with, Trynka said, "I think he would only come back if he thinks he could deliver something that will be seismic... It would be a bit of a miracle if he comes back, but miracles do happen." David Bowie has not released a new album since Reality in 2003.

More bad news: the character of Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise is dead. Captain Jack Sparrow stabbed Jones in the heart during the climactic scene of 2007's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Jones died shortly thereafter. Sparrow remains at large.

So many Davy Joneses; so much tragedy.
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