Thursday, July 14, 2011

Details on Scorsese's Upcoming George Harrison Doc

Announced quite some time ago, Martin Scorsese's four-hour documentary on the life and music of George Harrison will finally come to pass this October. George Harrison: Living in the Material World will feature unheard music Harrison created while still fabbing it up in the '60s, unseen footage, and presumably, the sharp directorial vision Scorsese brought to music-related projects such as The Last Waltz and Bob Dylan: No Direction Home. Exciting news... for the four or five of you who still subscribe to HBO, because that's where the two-part doc will air on October 5 and 6. The rest of us slobs will have to wait for a DVD release, which my Harrison-senses tell me will arrive in time for Christmas.

Update!: The Second Disc has just passed along a wealth of new details about George Harrison: Living in the Material World, including its U.K. DVD release date (October 10), and the various editions in which it will materialize, one of which sports a bonus CD of the unreleased material mentioned above.
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