Monday, June 27, 2011

'The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer' to be Reprinted

Probably the best paperback ever put out to cash in on a popular TV show, Jennifer Lynch's The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer is about to get a long overdue reprint by Simon & Schuster this December 6. The reprint will be available electronically and as a tangible object that people who actually like books will enjoy. It will include an all-new foreword by "Twin Peaks" creators David Lynch and Mark Frost. Meanwhile Lynch fansite is stirring up rumors about an audio version read by Laura Palmer herself, Sheryl Lee.

Here's what I had to say about The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer in Psychobabble's Twin Peaks A-Z:

Laura Palmer’s diary is a key prop in the very first episode of “Twin Peaks”, but fans did not realize at this point that the prom queen was harboring a second diary… a secret one. The secret diary of Laura Palmer would not factor into the program until the second season when Donna Hayward finds it lying around recluse Harold Smith’s home/green house/tomb. By the time Donna got around to perusing the secret diary, many fans had already read it cover to cover. That’s because a few weeks before that episode aired, David Lynch’s daughter Jennifer published The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, a superb account of Laura’s life and descent rendered in heartbreaking detail. That Jennifer Lynch was a mere 22-year old when she wrote the book may account for its startling authenticity; the book reads like the actual diary of an actual young woman, albeit a young woman with a certain literary flair. Anyone hoping to learn who killed Laura Palmer may have been frustrated by the book, but those who ever wondered about what happened to her horse or whether or not she and Josie Packard got in on will find it most enlightening. Ultimately, the book will probably most appeal to less nitpicky fans since it veers from the series in a few notable instances (the book describes a slumber party attended by Laura, Donna, and Maddy Ferguson, although Maddy and Donna apparently meet for the first time in the series; diary entries in the series do not appear in Jennifer Lynch’s book). Still The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer makes for a harrowing, impossible-to-put-down, and genuinely sad read. All tie-in merchandise should be so damn fine.

Pre-order The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer at here.
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