Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unreleased Music from "Twin Peaks" Debuting on David

With the recent revamp of his website, David Lynch seems to be reinventing himself as a pop star, and he recently suggested that it's going to be a while before he has a new film is in the works (he told The New York Times that “Fans might start looking [for a new film], but they will need a strong telescope to see it coming” ). Still, those fans of David Lynch the filmmaker might be interested to hear that his site is not only selling music from his films, including Eraserhead and Inland Empire, but it also started offering music from "Twin Peaks" and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me that hasn't been released on any official soundtracks previously. Isn't that just too dreamy?

The site also features some new music from Psychobabble favorite Donovan, and be sure to check out a neat music-centric interview on the site with Mr. Lynch in which he discusses his days rooming with Peter Wolf of The J. Geils Band in college and his love of The Bee Gees and Dire Straits!
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