Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Return of The Rolling Stones in Super Audio?

Today's announcement that The Rolling Stones' '60s catalog is being released as FLAC files by the HDtracks website doesn't particularly thrill me. I still like my music on physical formats (vinyl and CD/SACD, to be specific). That the band's UK releases that did not make it to SACD during ABKCO's otherwise spectacular reissue series of 2002 are included in the FLAC campaign initially irritated me. First these albums (The Rolling Stones, Rolling Stones No. 2, and the UK versions of the two Big Hits records) were included in a too-rich-for-my-blood vinyl box set last fall. Now they're being released in a format unappealing to physical format fans such as myself (and at $30 a pop, they're also way overpriced). However, a brief aside included at the end of an article on has peaked my interest: Jody Klein, son of ABKCO founder and former Stones manager Allen, says the company is considering "producing another batch" of the out-of-print SACDs! This is great news for those who failed to pick up some (or all) of the titles eight years ago (they now go for big money on ebay), but it also means that those previously unissued UK titles could finally see release on SACD. Just no more of those high-priced box sets, please! Let's see some individual releases.

For those of you who dig FLACs and MP3s, The Rolling Stones, Rolling Stones No. 2, Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) (US), and Through the Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2) (US) are already available to purchase at HDtracks. The rest of the ABKCO LPs will continue dribbling out throughout the spring and summer of 2011.
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