Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Psychobabble's New Favorite Movie: 'Mars Needs Moms'

No, I haven't actually seen this movie, but neither did you. In fact, Disney's Mars Needs Moms performed so poorly at the box office during its opening weekend that the megacorporation torpedoed Robert Zemeckis's planned travesty remake of the 1968 animated classic Yellow Submarine starring The Beatles a bunch of guys pretending to be The Beatles. Despite the original film's fab faux cast, Psychobabble will forever rate it among the greatest Rock & Roll movies and as the greatest animated film for its gloriously inventive blend of pop-art imagery, Beatlesque whimsy, and spectacular psych-era Beatles music. Although I must admit to being slightly tickled by the announced casting of ace-McCartney impersonator and Shaun of the Dead star Peter Serafinowicz in Zemeckis's remake, I wholeheartedly believe cinema does not need another Yellow Submarine. We already have one and it's just fine, thank you very much.

Cartoon Lennon flips Disney the devil horns.
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