Friday, February 4, 2011

The Return of Elvis Costello's Spectacular Spinning Songbook!

I first read about Elvis Costello's "Spectacular Spinning Songbook" in Brian Hinton's excellent biography Let Them All Talk and have long been convinced that the 1986 tour on which he introduced this device must have been among the most incredible in the annal of Rock & Roll. Slipping into a pseudo-sleazy game show host persona, Elvis would twirl a "Wheel of Fortune" style spinner packed with 40 titles ranging from the famously familiar to the fascinatingly obscure. 25 years later, Declan is dusting off The Wheel (or, at least, a meticulously recreated facsimile) for a U.S. tour to begin this May 7 at the Grand Sierra Theatre in Reno, Nevada. Elvis and the Imposters' ten-date "Revolver Tour" will then take the band to Oakland, L.A., Chicago, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. "Revolver Tour", eh? I wonder if this means he'll be adding "And Your Bird Can Sing" to the wheel. That would make my year.

See more details at Elvis, then give his virtual wheel a spin.

Elvis spins The Wheel and lands on Elvis:

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