Friday, February 11, 2011

"Twin Peaks" 20th Anniversary Art Preview

Last month Psychobabble reported on "In the Trees: TWIN PEAKS 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition", which premiers at Clifton’s Brookdale in Los Angeles tomorrow night. Today the show's official website posted a preview of the work that will be on display, and a great deal of it is truly fabulous. I particularly love Ryan Heshka's storybook-like "Wow Bob Wow/Coffee Coffee", Amy Casey's dizzying "a small logging town", Paul Chatem's brilliantly detailed "A Damn Good Cup of Coffee", Jessica Joslin's magnificent sculpture "Cooper", and of course, the series of prints by our favorite Eagle Scout, David Lynch. The pieces are currently on sale, but even if you don't have the bread to drop on this stuff, the preview is still completely worth a gander.

Lynch's Print #5 (day)
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