Friday, February 11, 2011

More Stones Product to be Produced: 'CD Singles: 1971-2006' Box Set

You know how you've always thought your life isn't worth living without owning nine versions of "Anybody Seen My Baby"? Well, put down that straight razor, because Universal Music is prepping a big box set collecting all 45 of the 45s The Rolling Stones released between 1971 and 2006. The limited edition CD Singles 1971-2006 is heading the way of all you millionaire Stones fanatics this April 11th. The set actually looks nicely packaged, with replica single-sleeves and an accompanying hardcover book, but whether or not the set is worth the sizable £169.99 price tag depends on a.) how obsessive a Stones collector you are, b.) how sensitive you are to the group's quality drop-off after the mid-'70s, c.) how tolerant you are of tossing a CD in the player just to hear two songs, and d.) how many times you need to hear Biz Markie beatbox the names of the five boroughs.

The set boasts 80 tracks not yet available on CD, about half of which are various mixes and versions of "Harlem Shuffle" and the aforementioned "Anybody Seen My Baby"? Umm, yay?

Check out the full specs at the official Universal UK site.
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