Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bobcat Goldthwait working on Kinks musical

In an interview posted on Den of Geek yesterday, comedian/filmmaker/screechy guy Bobcat Goldthwait mentioned that he is developing a film with Kaptain Kink Ray Davies.

Goldthwait and Davies: Together at last.

Here's the full quote, with all due credit to interviewer Ryan Lambie:

Lambie: Sleeping Dogs was about bestiality, at least in part, while World's Greatest Dad is about autoeroticism. Do you deliberately choose premises that are difficult to market?

Goldthwait: [Laughs] Yeah! I have a fisting movie coming up next. I don't mean to. You'd think I was some kind of pervert. But I'm branching out. I have a film in development with Ray Davies of the Kinks. There'll be no bestiality in that.

No bestiality? Dang.

A bit of further poking around the Internet led me to this much lengthier discussion of the project from way back in July on the KCRW website. Apparently the film is going to be a musical based on The Kinks' 1976 LP Schoolboys in Disgrace. Davies will be producing and Goldthwait directing. The album is to be rerecorded by the film's cast. The target audience for the film? "[A]ll the kids who fucking hate High School Musical," Goldthwait said.

This film will not be the first time Goldthwait has worked with a rock legend. In this video, he worked with three:

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