Thursday, December 16, 2010

CBGB's Biopic on the Way

According to Wikipedia, the criteria for designating a national historic landmark is as follows:

· Sites where events of national historical significance occurred;
· Places where prominent persons lived or worked;
· Icons of ideals that shaped the nation;
· Outstanding examples of design or construction;
· Places characterizing a way of life; or
· Archeological sites able to yield information

Assuming we can agree that its infamously and literally shitty bathroom could be considered some sort of “outstanding example of design or construction,” CBGB’s, the primordial scuzz hole that birthed up the most important musical movement of the ‘70s, fulfills every criterion on this list. That still wasn’t enough to convince former Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton to designate the club a national historic landmark. Yet another reason to despise the Bush administration. Hilly Kristal’s punk Mecca closed for business on October 15, 2006. Dead but not forgotten, CBGB’s will soon be the subject of yet another of those Rock biopics that seem to get announced on a near weekly basis.

The yet untitled film will follow Kristal’s opening of the club originally intended to service those in need of a little country, blues, and bluegrass, and it’s inevitable metamorphosis into the venue where Talking Heads, The Ramones, Television, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Dead Boys, Blondie, and countless others broke out. The movie is to be produced by the Randall Miller & Jody Savin, the team also responsible for a Dennis Wilson biopic called The Drummer scheduled for release in 2011. First-time director Savin plans to begin shooting the CBGB’s film this coming summer.

Read more about this upcoming project at Hollywood
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