Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Un-cut version of Jodorowsky's 'Santa Sangre' coming in 2011

Just picked up this item from Bloody Disgusting.com: Severin Films is releasing an uncut version of cult maestro Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1989 avant horror flick Santa Sangre on January 25, 2011. Jodorowsky is best known for sparking the Midnight Movie movement of the '70s with his bizarre Western epic El Topo. Santa Sangre, slightly more conventional than El Topo, finds Jodorowsky’s sons Adan and Axel playing a boy named Fenix at various stages of his life. Fenix’s parents are a couple of circus performers who perform some unpleasant acts upon each other when Dad’s infidelity with the tattooed lady is revealed. Fenix winds up institutionalized, but when he is finally released, he must assist his crazy, armless mom on her murderous mission of revenge.

The rerelease of Santa Sangre on DVD and Blu-ray will be accompanied by a great deal of fanfare. First the restored print will make its debut during The Museum of Arts & Design's festival 'Blood into Gold: The Cinematic Alchemy of Alejandro Jodorowsky'. Then there's the official release this coming January 25. Severin boasts over five hours of bonus material, including deleted scenes, trailers, documentaries, interviews with cast and crew members, a commentary by Jodorowsky, and a piece following his upcoming sold-out appearance at The Museum of Arts & Design's "Master Class" on September 25.
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