Friday, August 20, 2010

Tim Burton to make stop-motion 'Addams Family'

Don't ask me how I can work up interest in a new Tim Burton project considering the guy's track record over the past fifteen years. After making a masterpiece in 1994-- the hilarious, historically inaccurate, and rather soulful Ed Wood--Burton decided to waste his considerable talents on a string of pointless and rather soulless remakes.

That there have been a couple of exceptions among the dross-- the beautifully crafted stop-motion fantasy The Corpse Bride and a very fine adaptation of Sweeney Todd--may account for why I'm still able to give half a shit about an upcoming Burton flick. And if there's a picture with potential, it's the one announced yesterday on New York Burton is getting back together with Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, the team who wrote Ed Wood, for a stop-motion movie based on Charles Addams' classic macabre comic strip The Addams Family.

Style has rarely been Burton's problem. The fact that he matches his creepy, Gothic vision to inappropriate material, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland, is. And the writing on his recent films has left little to be desired. Alice was a jumbled mess that completely misinterpreted the absurd poetry of Lewis Carroll's book. And that funky little dance The Mad Hatter performed at the end of the movie made me want to shove sewing needles in my brains.

However, Burton's visual style is a fine match for Addams's, and the fact that he's working with the team that wrote his best film may take care of his screenplay problems. So, in short: way to go, Burton. That's another twelve bucks of mine in your pocket.
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