Friday, August 6, 2010

"Twin Peaks"-themed episode of "Psych" is coming...

It's been ages since I've had cable TV, so I'm no longer as acquainted with the show "Psych" as I once was. Even then I watched the harmlessly entertaining program about a crime-solving phony psychic unfaithfully. Apparently, the show has aired one-off tributes to "Jaws" and Hitchcock in the ensuing years. This season will feature an episode I'm going to do everything in my power to catch (which will require me to use my power to access Hulu's easily accessible "Psych" page). Episode 12 will be some sort of tribute to "Twin Peaks".

"Psych" star James Roday co-wrote the episode and recently told E! Online that "Peaks" is his "favorite TV show of all time" (mine too!) and "I think we're going to be able to deliver on a promise of several Twin Peaks alum." Series creator Steve Franks hinted at an appearance by Ray "Leland Palmer" Wise and teased "There will be pie! And there will be a woman of some sort carrying some sort of log." The as-yet unnamed episode airs Wednesday, October 6, at 10 PM (9 central) on USA.


  1. Hey! Ray Wise was already in an episode!;summary

  2. But was that episode set in a bucolic Northwestern burg with exceptional coffee and a mild-mannered supernatural giant? Was it?

  3. You know goddamned well it wasn't.

    Also, you can follow Psych on Hulu. It's one of my favorite shows on right now.

  4. I know, McCarron, I mentioned that in the post. Points off for not instantly memorizing every single word I wrote. 2 points.

    I wish older episodes were up on Hulu. I'd love to check out the 'Jaws' and Hitchcock shows, although "Entertainment Weekly" called the Hitch episode "tired." There's nothing less dignified than receiving a criticism from "Entertainment Weekly".

    Did you catch these episodes? Worth a Netflix rental?

  5. The first season starts a little unevenly but it has an undeniable charm that kept me coming back. Getting the first season on DVD is worth it if only just to watch James Roday's audition for the role of Shawn. He nails it from the first.

    I did see the Jaws episode as well as the Friday the Thirteenth episode (which was great). The Hitchcock episode was last season's season finale which was a tie-in to the previous season's finale. It did have some weak points. I can't deny it. But overall, no show currently on can make me laugh as consistently as Psych. Its' worth it for the obscure references alone.


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